26th July 2016

Full Moon Session

Kefalos offers great conditions every time it is full moon. First of all the wind is super steady and on top of that it is bright […]
25th July 2016

Kefalos Movie Vol. 2 – Teaser

As some of you might have seen already, we are super busy with filming the #kefalosMovie Vol. 2 at the moment. Simo Reinvald, our videographer from […]
29th June 2016

The best windsurfing spot on Kos! – Fraser Hawkshaw

Frasier Hawkshaw, a video blogger from the UK is currently visiting us here in Kefalos! The result is some nice Vlogs about his stay here in […]
11th January 2016

Kefalos Windsurfing & Sailing Summer 2015

Our instructor Geoff spent a lot of time filming last season and that is what came out of!
19th September 2015

How to Upwind 360 – Basic Windsurf Moves

Flo Ragossnig explains the Upwind 360. This move is, without doubt, one of the most useful moves in windsurfing. It will help you to master a […]
19th September 2015

How to Clew First Heli Tack – Basic Windsurf Moves

Flo Ragossnig explains how to master the Clew First Heli Tack: The Clew First Heli Tack is a good pre exercise for Esliders. The best way […]