How to Heli Tack – Basic Windsurf Moves
19th September 2015
How to Upwind 360 – Basic Windsurf Moves
19th September 2015
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How to Clew First Heli Tack – Basic Windsurf Moves

Flo Ragossnig explains how to master the Clew First Heli Tack:

The Clew First Heli Tack is a good pre exercise for Esliders. The best way to learn it is taking the big board for a spin on a light wind day – you will not believe how quickly you will learn your desired moves!

Different angles are used to give you the best explanation possible to get you sorted out as quick as possible. Additionally windsurf coach Flo Ragossnig gives you his top tips to crack the move in no time.

Recommended kit:
Beginner / big freeride board with around 180 – 220 lit
Freestyle / Wave sail with around 4.5 – 5.5 sqm

Recommended conditions:
2-4 Bft.

Hope this video helps you to get your Heli Tacks dialled! Feedback is always welcome!

Cheers Flo ????


  1. Wow, what a video it is! Really pleasant quality video, the lesson given in this video is really informative.

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