As windsurfing is a very technical sport, fun is closely related to the right choice of equipment and the conditions you're going to go out in. Once you've learned how to control a board with a sail mounted to it, you will be hooked for life, it will deeply connect you to nature and probably brings you to the worlds most beautiful spots.

We at Kefalos Windsurfing not only have the best selection of gear on the market, but also perfect conditions for beginners as well as pros. The cross-offshore wind makes the water flat like a pancake, which is ideal for beginners who have to get used to a wobbly windsurf board first. The moderate wind in the morning is perfect for intermediates to learn new manoeuvres in no time.

The wind strength in the morning hours ranges from 10 to 20 knots and reaches up to 30 knots in the afternoon which then is also the time for the windsurf pros. The flat water is an ideal playground for speed-cracks, slalom sailors and freestylers. It's not unusual that one of our guests breaks his personal speed record or finally nails that move which he has practised for a long time!

Our highly professional team will be happy to guide you with the right choice of equipment according to the actual conditions and the personal level. Every windsurfer with his own equipment knows that you can never have enough boards and sails - you will always find conditions where something in your quiver is missing. Therefore we are going with a pool-system which does not leave you with a single board size, but you will be able to use our whole range available in the centre. So you not only have the advantage of adjusting your board to the actual conditions - you might also find the board of your dreams!